Heart Health for the GLOW getter!

Heart Health for the GLOW getter! 

Guest blog post by Christy with Aloeswood Beauty

The circulatory system plays a vital role in skin health. The heart is a muscle that has capillaries and arteries with elastin in them to expand and contract to our body’s needs. It is the center of our circulatory system and works with our respiratory and lymphatic systems to feed the body with nutrients and oxygen, while it also works at eliminating waste. This metabolic process of cells releasing energy (through nutrients- aka food molecules) for waste removal is called cellular respiration. And It’s happening all the time BUT there are ways to keep this process functioning on a higher level.


Mindful Breathing

  • Delivers the vital energy of Oxygen to our cells
  • Brings the body back to its parasympathetic state – rest and digest mode
  • Enhances cognitive function, emotional state and focus
  • Increases self awareness

You can do this with a yoga class, sitting, walking, kundalini yoga, meditation or any exercise where you are consciously connected to your breathing patterns.

Cold plunge or Cryotherapy

  • Contracts lymph vessels causing them to pump toxins out faster
  • Triggers white blood cells to attack and destroy unwanted waste
  • Improves cardiovascular circulation: blood rushes to surround vital organs making it pump more efficiently
  • Decreases inflammation– Cold water lowers damaged tissue temperature and constricts blood capillaries
  • Reduces swelling and numbs nerve endings to help bring relief to pain
  • Boosts happiness neurotransmitters
  • Increases weight loss– Makes us work harder to keep warm while burning calories in the long run to increase metabolism.

You can actually do this at home by simply running cold water over your body while in the shower or after a bath. It will take your breath away but it is also very exhilarating!


  • Moves blood and lymph to filter unwanted cellular waste faster, while lowering cortisol levels.
  • Allows us to slow down the breath sending all sorts of calming messages to the cells and organs.
  • Brings you into a relaxing environment, which can ease the body out of fight or flight mode and reduce stress.
  • Creates the most optimal internal environment for us to function and be the best version of ourselves.

One thing I have noticed on the Kaliks cleanse is I am taking time to *really* see myself, appreciate myself, do HEALTHY things… and just after a few days I feel more powerful in my body.  This is why I do cleanses–to show up for myself and thus showing up for life!


Sending light and sparkles,



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