Change Your Beliefs = Change Your Life & Health

Why do we need to change at the subconscious level?

Neuroscience has shown that most of our actions, choices, emotions and behavior come from the subconscious mind. It likes to regulate and reinforce, believing what is familiar is the safest even if your conscious mind wants something different. So there is conflict between the subconscious, whose goal is to drive you toward the familiar, and the conscious, which is where your desire for a different reality lives. 

The subconscious works very literally and can't tell the difference between negative or positive, real or imagined. That is powerful information because it means we can actively influence our subconscious mind by consistently filling our mind and body with the reality we hope to draw into our lives. 

Since your actions and reactions are likely outdated responses that are coming from the subconscious mind (and beliefs adopted in your childhood years), we must create change at this level so you can perform new actions and reactions that are aligned with your desired reality. 

If you're operating on old beliefs that aren't in alignment with your goals, dreams and desires, you'll experience difficulty creating the life you choose to live and deserve. However, if you can program your subconscious to act on new beliefs, you’ll more easily be able to act in alignment with your goals and desires, and will see that reality realized around you.

Out With The Old, In With The New

When we remove and replace limiting beliefs in areas like self-esteem, health, body image, finances, relationships, spirituality and career, we can shift the foundation of how you (and your personality) move through the world.

Change Your Health On a Cellular Level

Even more fascinating, by bringing more awareness and consciousness to your thoughts and actions you can alter your genetic expression. Seeding the belief of high health from the subconscious signals your brain and body to shift into a new positive state that can clear blocks to health and vitality. If the subconscious mind believes the body to be in a state of high health, the physical body will follow. Rooting this belief into the neural pathways helps can activate healing otherwise stubborn health challenges. 

So what’s next? Book a 1:1 emotional reprogramming session or complimentary 20-minute consultation with Allison, or head here to begin practing a simple process to tap into your subconscious anytime

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