Our Philosophy

You matter. What you put on –and in your body is essential for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

We have a deep desire for all things natural and holistic. This underlying motive fuels our passion to create simple, beautiful and effective products WITHOUT harmful fillers, toxins and synthetic substances. As a certified herbalist and holistic wellness advocate, I carefully select ingredients not only for their sensuous aroma, but also for their unique medicinal and healing properties. Every ingredient is utilized for a specific therapeutic purpose in simple formulations to ensure pure, potent and remarkably effective products.


No chemicals. No synthetics. No toxins. Not ever.

Rest assured that the integrity of our products are of the purest quality with high performance results. All of our products are free from parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances or dyes, fillers, synthetic preservatives, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum and GMOs. We formulate with organic and wildcrafted, high quality plant oils, herbs, earth elements (such as healing clays and salts), and pure essential oils.


Our products are consciously handcrafted in small batches to ensure the integrity and quality are pure and fresh. We intentionally use each ingredient for its therapeutic and synergistic approach, while infusing each formula with our tender loving care.

Reverence & Ritual

Your body is sacred. Your skin is sensual. You are beauty. Embrace it.

Kaliks Collective is not just about the purely natural products that we create. We’re advocates for simple yet luxurious skin and self-care rituals that feel indulgent and empowering. Our formulations are consciously created for efficacy, delight and adoration. We encourage you to take time for self-care and connect with the healing magic of nature’s botanical gifts that inspire, nourish and support your vitality.