We Are Kāliks Collective. We Live Forever Blooming.

Why We're Different

We believe the wisdom of nature holds within it the power to heal mind, body, and spirit, and that true healing encompasses all of these. We are passionate that great skin and whole body health comes from within and includes the thoughts we carry, the nourishment we consume, and the freedom within our emotional bodies and subconscious minds.
The Kaliks Collective complete care protocol supports all these elements of our wellbeing, through skin-barrier protecting topical products, nourishing herbal teas, functional nutrition coaching, and Neuro-Emotional Reprogramming sessions.
Our products distill natures potency, emphasize the importance of ritual, and support our bodies innate healing and regenerative capabilities. Our wellness consultations are customized to support the individual healing process of each person. 
Founded and led by certified herbalist and holistic wellness practitioner, Allison Roman, whose healing journey led her to create Kaliks Collective and the protocol to guide others in finding their own vitality, health, youthful glow, and expansive freedom from within. 
Our simple product formulations are pure, potent and remarkably effective. We carefully select pure botanical ingredients with unique medicinal properties, aromatic benefits, and regenerative effect. Every ingredient utilized supports specific therapeutic purposes.
The calyx (pr: ˈkāliks), a botanical whorl whose sturdy green leaves hold and protect a flower bud as it comes to full bloom is the unsung hero that encapsulates the perfection of nature. We each hold within us the power to regenerate and heal, to find within our the fullest expression of our purpose on the road to blooming in spirit and consciousness. 
We Are Kaliks, We Live Forever Blooming.

How We Practice Discernment 

Our formulations invoke the wisdom of nature.
We alchemize our products based on the teachings of herbalism, Ayurvedic aromatherapy, and scientific insights that are becoming available as the world turns its eye toward the secrets of nature all around us. Each product is made with intention and heart in small batches to preserve the vibrational integrity and efficacy of each ingredient.
Every ingredient is necessary, functional, full potency, sourced and tested for absolute purity. Our organic and wildcrafted plant botanicals are broad spectrum extracts that retain the full and complimentary entourage of actives unique to each plant. The oils we utilize are whole, cold-pressed, unrefined, and stable. We use high vibration biodynamic plant hydrosols that are deeply hydrating for ultimate potency. 
We look beyond common, low value natural ingredients like fillers, highly refined and often rancid oil isolates, harsh alcohols, and valueless distilled water. Conventionally used toxic ingredients like sulfates, phthalates, and parabens never enter the conversation. 
We harvest botanicals without decimating plant health or abundance, our packaging is sourced for minimal environmental impact, and our formulations easily assimilate back into nature.
Through this meticulous approach our products realize results and long term health for skin, mind, body, and planet.

Bloom With Reverence & Ritual

Your body is sacred. Your skin is sensual. Your beauty blooms from within. Embrace it all.
At Kaliks Collective we’re advocates for simple yet luxurious skin and self-care rituals that feel indulgent and empowering, rich with delight and adoration. We encourage you to take time to be attentive to yourself as you use our products. Connect with the healing magic of nature’s botanical gifts and the innate power within you to inspire, nourish, and support your vitality.