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Splendor – Digest Tea
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Splendor – Digest Tea

  • Healthy skin begins within, which is why our tea collection supports your body with beauty promoting basics. Dependable digestion is a key factor for healthy, glowing skin and Splendor is our herbal blend that soothes the gut, increases assimilation and optimizes digestive strength. Drink as a mealtime ritual and sip slowly, rest, and digest.

    Tasting Notes: rich, warm and aromatic with chai like notes of anise, fennel and cinnamon. 

    Splendor Solis is a 16th Century manuscript outlining the philosophy of Alchemy. Translated as “the Sun’s Radiance” its decree is that the Human Alchemist is to live in harmony with creation and that any intervention it creates through alchemical chemistry supports natures growth and flourishing. Though the text is mostly unknown, the texts 22 illustrations find their way into culture even today, making its persistent, hidden presence and influence all the more magical. Like digestion, we are constantly alchemizing all inputs from mind, body, and spirit though we may not see it.

    Packaging: Recycle, Reuse, or Compost
    Our packaging is chosen to minimize environmental impact, and we are continuously seeking more sustainable options to further this effort.

    Recycle: All glass bottles, plastic pumps, lids, and shipping cushioning. When you finish your product, remove the sticker label and discard in the trash or compost (welcome kit labels only). Then untwist and remove the pump or lid, rinse both, and put into your recycling bin.

    Compost: All Welcome Kit sticker labels (remove from the glass bottles) and tea pouches (remove and discard the sticker label) can go right into your city or home compost bin.

    Reuse: Our beautiful and sturdy packaging can serve many new functions. From flower vases, to snack pouches, get creative and find ways to reuse.

  • We harness the power of plants to create beautifully effective botanical formulations. Informed by the wisdom of traditional, natural beauty rituals and confirmed by recent scientific studies for products that help your skin become stronger, more resilient, and forever blooming.

    Anise Seed « cools and calms the stomach, eases any upset, and stimulates digestive juices for a healthy appetite and strong digestion.

    Orange Peel « helps stimulate digestion and relieves gas, bloating, and discomfort. 

    Dandelion Root + Leaf « is a common yellow wildflower that has been used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine and as an herbal tonic around the world. It’s a bitter, tonifying herb for the digestive system that clears excess heat and purifies the liver while stimulating appetite.

    Marshmallow Root « is a moistening herb that acts as a soothing internal balm that brings harmony throughout the digestive system and softens the skin from the inside

    Cinnamon « balances blood sugar to support easy assimilation and balanced energy levels.

    Licorice Root « is a soothing, moistening herb that nourishes the stomach lining, eases inflammation, and supports smooth and calm digestion.

    1. Anise Seed*
    2. Licorice Root*
    3. Dandelion Leaf*
    4. Orange Peel*
    5. Dandelion Root*
    6. Marshmallow Root*
    7. Fennel Seed*
    8. Cinnamon*
    *Certified Organic, ^ Wildcrafted 
  • To support digestion: add two teaspoons to 10 ounces of near boiling water then cover and steep for up to 15 minutes. Strain your tea, sip slowly, rest and digest.

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