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Aura Mist w/ Caley Alyssa
Aura Mist w/ Caley Alyssa
Aura Mist w/ Caley Alyssa
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Aura Mist w/ Caley Alyssa

Elevate your Aura with our uplifting ceremonial mist created to clear your energetic atmosphere, balance chakras, and energetically align your mind, body and spirit. Caley and Allison formulated this aura mist utilizing biodynamic lavender hydrosol, Ayurvedic aromatherapy, and yogic science insights.

Aura's Origin: A gentle wind, breeze, or breath in Latin or subtle emanation around the body. Auras are referenced throughout history through various cultures from ancient Egyptian art to a number of Eastern religions. Scientific research shows a person's aura extends 4-5 feet outside the entire body. These electromagnetic energy fields are known to act as a protective shield for our more refined subtle bodies-mental, emotional, spiritual and astral.  


meditation, yoga nidra, space clearing, mood lift, energy shift


Mist above your head and around your space before practicing meditation, energy work, self-care rituals, or anytime. Feel an energetic release, clarity of surrender, and psychic activation. 


Lavender-Balances all 7 chakras with special attention to the heart and crown. Lavender cleanses negative energies, resonates with the energy of the moon, calms the mind and uplifts mood.

Grapefruit- This sweet fragrant oil helps to boost energy, enhance mental clarity while soothing the heart and throat chakra.

Bergamot-The powerful aroma of bergamot stimulates the mind, increases appreciation for life, opens the heart chakra, and balances the solar plexus and throat chakra.

Sage-Referred to as the "herbs sacra" - sacred herb by the Romans and praised to strengthen the sensed and memory. Deeply purifying for space and energy. Also benefits heart, third eye and solar plexus chakras.

Sandalwood-This slightly sweet woodsy oil is loved for its grounding effect on body, mind and spirit. Opens the heart and crown chakras promoting introspection, reflection and heightened awareness.

Yarrow Flower Essence-One of the most treasured flower essences for its ability to gently cleanse and protect one's energy. Allows one to be open and sensitive while holding firm healthy boundaries. Acts as a protective psychic skin and lends a feeling of safety while cleansing auric field. 



Lavender flower hydrosol+
Sodium sunflowerseedate (emulsifier) 
Essential Oils of: Grapefruit,
Sandalwood ^, Bergamot
(FCF-FREE)*, Sage* and
Yarrow Flower Essence

Packaging: Recycle or Reuse
Our packaging is chosen to minimize environmental impact, and we are continuously seeking more sustainable options to further this effort.

Recycle: All glass bottles and shipping boxes/cushioning. When you finish your product, remove the sticker label and discard in the trash. 

Reuse: The glass bottles can serve many new functions from flower vases pen holders, get creative and find ways to reuse.

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