SUPER SIMPLE Skincare Tips That Will Save You Time & Money

SUPER SIMPLE Skincare Tips That Will Save You Time & Money

Alright beauties,

With so many products out on the market it can feel like you have to do 332 steps to maintain a skincare regimen. Layer this, apply that. This bottle for the morning, this one for the evening, this goes around the eyes, this one for the neck...blah blah blah.

Although I like layering products and think it can be beneficial, I don't think you need as much as you think....or are sold, shall I say?

I am a big fan of simplifying pretty much all aspects of my life. You're with me, right?

So in terms of simplifying your skincare routine, you'll need to remember these things. Your skin is constantly changing–with seasons, diet, traveling, stress, sleep and hormones to name a few. What you use and how much you use will shift and change, so keep that in mind as you decide. 

Here are my simple skincare tips:

Skip the morning wash

Washing your face once a day is fine. A simple cold water rinse in the morning is all you need. You can mist hydrosol or toner for that refreshing pick-me-up if you desire, then carry on with your moisturizer, spf, makeup as you would. The body is dehydrated first thing in the morning and your moisturizer has worked all night long. Why strip that nice hydration by washing it all off in the morning?

I just shortened your time to get ready in the a.m. and now your products last longer– You're welcome. 

Moisturize just after cleansing

The best time to moisturize is while the skin is still damp. You want to gently pat your skin with a towel after cleansing– keep it damp. Resist the urge to rub the towel all over and fully dry the face and neck. The combination of hydrosol or toner with facial oil will lock in the extra moisture after you've cleansed. If you use lotion, balm or cream layer it on top of the facial oil you've put on. 

Be gentle

Don't pull or tug on your skin. This tends to be the case when applying moisturizer, drying off or using abrasive face scrubs. I repeat do NOT tug, pull or pick at your skin. Same goes for scratching. This breaks down the skin barrier and encourages wrinkles. And in the case of picking at pores and zits–scarring. Trust me. Don't learn the hard way.

As for the areas that have thinner skin (i.e. around the eyes, lips and for some the neck) use your ringer finger and gentle pats to remove and apply products. Upward strokes on the neck (collarbones towards chin and ears).

Keep it simple

It's true that less is more. With fewer products it's easier to learn what works for your skin and what doesn't. Ideally, I recommend 3-5 facial products that you can layer, swap and choose depending on your skin needs. We've created The Basics, our simple 3 step skincare that you can check out here

 Easy enough, right? 

See how these simple steps affect your skin and let us know!



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