The Power of Ritual: Travel Wisdom To Stay Well

Traveling to experience different cultures, food, people and places is such a wonderful exploration. It literally excites me to my core and yet it can bring its own stress and anxiety with it too. Whether that be jet lag, poor sleep, misplaced luggage. . . the list goes on of all the things that could go awry.  

What I actually pack for wellness purposes changes depending on location and weather. However, these are the basic travel essentials that I don’t leave home without when going on any trip. They help keep me grounded, nourished and healthy while away from home. And they are accessible, easy to take and won’t drain your wallet or overstuff your baggage. Great for any trip whether near or far.


Hands down my number one. Everything starts with the gut. Having extra good bacteria in your gut to defend against pathogens of any sort is always a good idea. Probiotics can also help keep your digestion and bowels regular while traveling. I usually double down on dosage for a more therapeutic effect. Adding Vitamin C and digestive enzymes would be a double plus.


Hydration is another key player for the body’s most important functions. Without these crucial nutrients we are susceptible to a number of symptoms as electrolytes are vital for cell communication within the body.  At home I do electrolytes daily through sole, while traveling I’m using these in this. Make that water count!  

Essential Oils

Two essential oils that are inexpensive and generally safe are Lavender and Peppermint. Lavender–don’t leave home without it­–highly antimicrobial and can be used neat on the skin for cuts and scrapes. The scent itself can instantly lift stress and anxiety, and it also makes a wonderful sleep aid. You can simply smell right from the bottle as needed or rub a drop or two into the soles of the feet or temples. Peppermint is helpful for nausea, suffering from motion sickness, fatigue but need to be awake (hello jetlag), and headaches. Sometimes I just smell it straight from the bottle and that’s enough as it’s quite potent. For nausea, I rub a drop into my belly button. For headaches rub a drop into your scalp. You can also put a drop or two of either of these oils onto a bandana and where it on the flight for extra lung and immune support. Remember less is more with essential oils and always buy Pure oils and organic when possible.

Rescue Remedy

This classic 5 flower remedy can help  you cope with the emotional demands of everyday occurrences, travel, stress, crisis and trauma. It works like homeopathy on a subtle level to support your energetic body. You'll likely find a change in mindset or feel a sense of ease take over you. It’s been around since the 1930’s, is completely safe and natural, and can be used by all.

Tea Bags

 A strong cup of tea can aid many ailments. They’re inexpensive, don’t take much space and are easy to bring in your pocket or purse while going out for the day. A few favs are:

  • Dandelion root– liver and digestive support
  • Nettle leaf– anti-histamine, mineral rich
  • Peppermint/Ginger/Chamomile–these three are packed with medicinal value. Choose one or find a blend.
Tune-up Ball/Gua sha

Long flights almost always give me a cranky back. These stretches always help both on and off the plane, but rolling on a ball or moving stagnation with a gua sha can be life changing.  The tune-up ball provides more deep work within the muscles and fascia while gua sha is better for moving lymph, which supports immunity and detoxification. Choose one or bring both so you can unwind any body aches and pains.

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