The Healing Benefits of Salt Sole

Sole–pronounced "so-lay"– is a mineral rich salt water solution that is saturated with ions–or electrical charges. It has gained momentum and praise in the wellness community over the years for its copious health benefits. And there's research to back it up. 

But first let's talk about salt.

Unrefined natural salt (Not to be confused with table salt–more on that below) is a vital nutrient that’s essential for life.

Literally, we can’t live without salt.

It’s important for many major biological processes and has numerous health benefits which include:

  • carrying nutrients to and from cells
  • transmitting nerve impulses
  • maintaining proper fluid balance, metabolism and alkalinity
  • helping your brain communicate to your muscles
  • being a fundamental component of blood plasma, lymphatic fluid, extracellular fluid, and even amniotic fluid 
  • providing the 84 minerals and electrolytes considered essential nutrients for sustaining life and energy
  • improving hydration into your cells*
  • helping balance hormones, blood sugar, adrenal function and blood pressure (has been noted for stabilizing irregular heartbeats)
  • supporting detoxification and digestion
  • promotes clearer skin by cleansing and improving internal functions
  • stabilizing oxidative stress

But how much salt is too much?

The American Heart Association recommends no more than 2,300 milligrams (mgs) a day and an ideal limit of no more than 1,500 mg per day for most adults.

1 teaspoon of Sole has only 478mg of sodium.

1 teaspoon of regular table salt has 2,300 mg. 

The minimum physiological requirement for sodium to sustain life is 500mg per day.

Let’s keep in mind, table salt which is processed and bleached is void of minerals –like potassium that help regulate  blood pressure along with sodium. Refined salt usually contains additives, anti-caking agents or toxic elements like ammonium and aluminum. Unrefined sea salts generally have less sodium than refined table salts, and they are far more superior in minerals and flavor.

Point being, the healthy sodium range is different for everybody and high risk groups should aim for the lower ranges. Remember canned, processed and prepared foods are loaded with sodium so consider that in your intake and not just the dashes of salt used daily. And of course eating real food that you prepare will pack the most nutrition for your health.

Ok so back to sole...

I started drinking sole (so-lay) while living in Hong Kong several years ago. We were living there for a 18 month stint and my health was at its lowest. We had a regular water pitcher filter–nothing fancy. After incorporating sole into my daily water, I noticed my energy, skin and sleep improved within a matter of days. I was hooked!

After moving back to the states, we invested in an ionized water filter that’s pretty amazing so I stopped doing the sole. Recently, while on my Spring Cleanse I started adding sole to my morning water and am feeling the same benefits – improved energy, hydration, clearer skin and better sleep. It’s really easy to do and great to include as a part of a morning ritual. 

Here's how you do it...


Fill a glass jar (can be quart or pint sized) ¼ full with pink Himalayan sea salt or celtic/atlantic sea salt (salt “stones” or coarse/fine salt is fine) in jar. 

Fill the remaining 3/4 with purified water.

Cover with a plastic lid and let sit for 24 hours for water to become fully saturated.

You’ve now transformed your water into mineral rich Sole.

Other notes: 

There should be a little remaining salt sediment at the bottom of the jar. If there is none you should a little more salt and let it sit overnight again. If there is a lot, it will continue to absorb overtime and you can add more water as needed.

Do NOT use a metal lid.

Be sure to keep it covered so it doesn’t evaporate and to keep it clean.

Dumping a teaspoon of salt into a cup of water and drinking is NOT the same as sole. 

Daily consumption:

Add 1 teaspoon to 1 full glass (8 oz) of water. Drink daily. You might consider starting with a ½ teaspoon at first for a week and then go up from there. Some people experience detox symptoms. If you find the cleansing effects intense for you simply reduce your amount and build up over time.

You can drink first think upon waking in the morning or put in drinking water to drink throughout the day.

Some people add a squeeze of lemon or lime for extra flavor. 








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