Kaliks Spotlights No2

Kaliks Spotlights No2

Summer is near and although the warm days in San Francisco are few and far between this time of year, I've got some getaways planned with full determination to have a summer that feels like an actual summer. 

Spring brings a creative push that often leaves me tapped out and a little depleted from work. I love that summer brings a slower pace and a carefree energy that I feel is essential to soak up.

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite things for home and body including some new summer favs.

In love with my Jungmaven Pacific tee. It’s the perfect soft and breathable summer tee that’s sustainably sourced (with hemp!). 

Currently reading this, this and this.

Goodbye, pillow search! Totally digging my buckwheat pillow and thinking about upgrading to a larger size. I got this little one to start.

All time favorite incense  (Piñon) that always take me home.

Planning to spend my summer in these and since I live in SF, feeling summery despite the cold in this sweatshirt and scarf. All made in USA.

Really into my rose quartz gua sha tools to defy wrinkles, depuff and tone the skin.

Have you tried the Liver Loving Lemonade? The perfect thirst quencher for the summer with a bonus– it includes some schizandra for liver support. 

Our Escape Bath Soaks are back in stock if you need a detox bath or some R&R at home!



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