Skin Barrier Love: Get the Most From Your Face Oil

Face oils have become all the rage over the last couple of years and for many good reasons! Oils are wonderful for the skin – providing nutrients, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that can both protect and transform your skin. When you use a facial oil, you are using 100% actives: A potent amount of nutrients, so a little goes a long way. There are a lot of ways to incorporate them into skincare routines for daily use. Let’s discuss some tips on getting the most out of your face oils.


Apply on Clean, Damp Skin

It’s best to apply facial oil on damp skin to lock in extra moisture. You can do this right after you cleanse and tone when your face is slightly moist. We highly recommend adding a spritz or two of Mist > Revive to Balance > Glow Face oil to create an oil/water emulsion for ultimate hydration.


Pat, Don’t Pull

Don’t rub the oil into your skin. Lightly press or pat the oils in. You can warm the drops in your hand and use both fingertips and palms to press into your skin. Not only does it help with absorption, but you’re also not tugging on your skin – reducing the opportunity for wrinkles. Start with the areas that are driest first and then work from there.


Add to Clay Based Mask for Extra Moisture

A wonderful option for sensitive, dry skin. Add a few drops to your clay based mask like our Cleanse > Renew, or you can add a light oil layer on your face and neck before applying the mask. This method leaves the skin extra nourished and soothed.


Add a Few Drops to Your Sunscreen, Foundation or Moisturizer

I like to add a drop or two into my daily sunscreen/moisturizer for extra hydration and a boost of glow. You can also add it on top of the sunscreen/moisturizer layer for extra barrier protection to prevent moisture from evaporating. This can be great for drier skin types or if you’re feeling the effects of winter or dry weather on your skin.


Find YOUR Dosage

Because pure face oils are providing a concentrated amount of nutrients, a few drops is likely all you need. Stress, environment and weather each bring their own elements into the condition of your skin. Be willing to adjust your number of drops based on your skin’s needs considering season, location and current condition of your skin. 


Add Leftover to Tips of Your Hair

Rub the remaining oil on your hands into the tips of your hair to soften, smooth out frizz, and to add shine.


Not All Oils are Equal

Finding the right oil combination for the skin can be a very personal process. Plant oils are complex with their own unique composition, smell, feel, benefits and absorption rate. One thing to keep in mind is the quality of the oil. Refined oils use heat and chemicals as well as other methods like bleaching and deodorizing to alter the structure of the oil. Not only do unrefined oils lack color and smell, but they also have less active compounds that are denatured with further processing. We use unrefined, cold-pressed organic or wildcrafted oils to obtain and deliver the most nutrients to your skin.

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