Here's How: Moisturizing Masks

Why Mix Up A Mask?

When your skin is feeling dried out, irritated and sensitive, a soothing mask helps the skin barrier to restore balance. We use Liberate, our facial polish and mask, as the base of all masks and then use our favorite soothing, moisturizing mix-ins to support the skin; each mix-in provides an extra boost of plant wisdom and skin benefits to soothe dry and irritated skin. 

For best results, support your body (and skin barrier) from the inside by boosting internal hydration with plenty of water and healthy fats - always essential, but especially so during seasons when the elements are taking a toll on your skin. Checkout our Inner Bloom and Splendor teas, or whip up an herbal latte or nourishing lentil soup.



LiberateStart with Liberate, our facial polish and mask, as the base ingredient. With ingredients like oats, marshmallow root, rhassoul clay and lavender this botanical powder provides the perfect combo of calming, softening and cleansing benefits. 

Yogurt: Yogurt is loaded with protein and vitamins (like zinc- a wonderful skin ally) but the superstar active component for skincare is lactic acid–an alpha hydroxy acid that removes dead skin cells and stimulates cell regeneration. It is deeply hydrating with emollient benefits making it a dependable skincare multitasker. 

Raw Honey: Honey is a true panacea for the skin. Highly antimicrobial, a profound humectant and full of antioxidants, honey is the go-to for both a deep cleanse and hydration. It can be intense for those with damaged or sensitive skin barriers so we recommend adding some yogurt, avocado or both if your skin is feeling especially sensitive or you are in the process of rebuilding a compromised skin barrier.

Avocado: Topically, avocado is used for its healthy fats, anti-inflammatory benefits and skin saving vitamins A C, & E. The oils from the flesh of the avocado are ultra nutritive for the skin barrier and help prevent age spots and cell wall weakening. 

Choose the blend that best suits your needs based on how your skin is currently feeling. 

Avo-Yogurt: A go-to, all-around blend that works when feeling balanced, dry, or sensitive.

¼ avocado smashed

1 teaspoon of Liberate

½ teaspoon of yogurt

Avocado: Ideal for soothing, softening support and a boost of rich hydration.

¼ avocado smashed

½ teaspoon of Liberate

Drizzle of Aurora face oil

Honey-Yogurt: Balance excess oil, clear acne, and bring out a plump, dewey glow.

1 teaspoon yogurt

2 teaspoon honey (preferably raw)

½-1 teaspoon Liberate



Mix ingredients into small bowl until well incorporated. Add a few sprays of Revival if the blend is too thick to mix.

Cleanse skin using Bare, then using clean hands or a brush, apply onto damp skin and neck. 

Leave on for up to 15 minutes. 

Rinse and follow up with Revival facial mist, Holy Veil serum, and Aurora face oil.

Apply once a week, and increase as needed to soothe and balance your skin.

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