Herbal Ally: Bamboo Water Ferment

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We harness the power of plants to create beautifully effective botanical formulations. Informed by the wisdom of traditional, natural beauty rituals and confirmed by recent scientific studies for products that help your skin become stronger, more resilient, and forever blooming.

Engrossed as we are in the world of plant wisdom (and magic), it’s always a delight to find an ingredient that catches us by surprise by including everything we are seeking in an herbal skin ally: skin barrier benefits, sustainability, and efficacy. Our Herbal Ally series fills you in on our unique botanical ingredients and the role they play in various product formulations. 

Ingredient: Bamboo Ferment  
(Lactobacillus Arundinaria Gigantea)

Find It In: Holy Veil Serum

How it’s made:  The water from bamboo is extracted (like a cold pressed juice) then fermented with lactobacillus. 

How it Works: The solution provides water for the skin, without creating osmotic imbalance. Osmotic imbalance can result from the use of deionized water (a common ingredient in skin care products) and can stress the skin because it distorts the natural flow of water, nutrients, and electrolytes in and out of skin cells. The skin barrier and dermis has to work overtime to restore and maintain the right levels of nutrients and water, resulting in osmotic stress. Bamboo Ferment is bio-complex, meaning the carbohydrates from the fermentation are linked by intermolecular hydrogen bonds for a water solution that supports the suspension of nutrients and proper utilization and movement of water and electrolytes within the cells. AKA no osmotic stress, and super-powered water that works with and elevates the natural regulatory functions of your skin.

The Result: Deep hydration that works in harmony with the skins inherent fluid, electrolyte, and nutrient regulating functions. Boosted collagen production resulting from Bamboo’s rich silica levels, supporting supple skin and a strong skin barrier. 

Digging Deeper: Source studies have compared Bamboo Ferment against Aloe Vera gel and Deionized water, and an untreated control. The findings showed hydration levels were improved by 10% compared to Aloe Vera 10X Gel, and 30% better than the deionized water and untreated control. After 3 weeks of Bamboo Ferment use, moisture levels on the skin were 57.14% higher than when using Aloe Vera 10X Gel.

Symbolic Considerations: Bamboo represents the balance of flexibility and strength: the ideal combination we strive for in so many areas of life. Known to be both extraordinarily flexible and strong at the same time, Bamboo has attained a level of adaptability we can all strive toward. In using Bamboo Ferment in our Holy Veil serum, we can also connect with the energetic intention to practice strength, protection, and resilience alongside adaptability, softness, and suppleness in mind, body, and spirit. 

Ecological impact: A grass family member, bamboo is a natural raw material that is highly sustainable because it is fast growing and needs little water or fertilizer. In addition, it is highly biodegradable in the raw form, as well as the ferment we use in our products. 

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