The Power of Ritual: Morning Tips To Empower Your Day

Morning rituals are everything.

Much of your day is a collection of unconscious patterns and expectations unfolding in a multitude of ways. But know that you have a lot of power in how you're co-creating your day. Start by empowering yourself with these simple morning rituals to support your health, expand your awareness and ultimately change your life. 

1. Enjoy a warm morning tonic

Have a hot healthy drink (no coffee doesn't count) to warm and wake the body while providing some hydration after a night's sleep. It could be hot lemon water, ginger tea, golden milk, our Beauty Tea... This can help to encourage elimination, increase circulation, raise your body temperature to increase your metabolic rate and prevent premature aging.

2. Clear your space

Every morning I smudge our home – always first thing in the morning and usually while I brush my teeth...a multi-tasker I know.

Smudging simply requires lighting sage, palo santo, a resin or incense of your choice and waving it around the room, corners and doorways of your home. You can say a blessing, a prayer or just take some slow deep breaths. It's incredibly cleansing, therapeutic and relaxing. You can also do this to your body, your work desk or any room anytime of day to clear out stuck or negative energy. Be careful to put out anything lit and don't leave things burning unattended. Safety first (wink wink).

3.  Meditate

This is a MUST for me. Sometimes it's really blissful and some times my mind is wild and it's really hard. It's a practice so let go of the expectation around it and just try to watch the patterns of your thoughts while you focus on the breath. There are so many types of meditation so find what resonates with you. I like to mix up approaches and modalities to keep my practice fresh. If I'm busier, I like listening to guided meditations. When I need answers or clarity I prefer just focusing on my breath. 

4. Ground and nourish your body

5-15 minutes of some type of movement. Yoga, Qi gong, trampoline jumping, dance... it doesn't have to be anything fancy. Move your lymph and feel your body. 

Now eat breakfast. Stay away from too much sugar and make sure you have ample protein and healthy fats to keep you going. 

5.  Avoid electronics until after breakfast

Why throw all your energy away first thing by diving into work emails and social media? Why?! Get clear and strong first and then tackle your to-do list with inspiration and integrity. You'll find that you are way more proactive and less reactive.

Now it's time to start your day.....




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