5 Essential Tips for a Successful Cleanse

5 Essential Tips for a Successful Cleanse


Committing to a cleanse is no small feat. However, with the right tools and preparation the whole process can be a really fun and knowledgeable experience. My annual cleanses are about nourishing with clean foods and intuitive self-care practices to give your body the reset it needs. All diet preferences are allowed and any busy lifestyle can handle this cleanse. In fact, it will empower you to make wiser choices post cleanse. 

Preparing and getting organized are key. . . as is your mindset so let’s take a look at the essentials for ensuring a successful cleanse.


  1. Get organized

Plan out some of your meals. Go grocery shopping. Have healthy snacks on hand each day. Schedule some workouts to move your body. Set yourself up so you’re prepared and don’t put yourself in a position to fall off the cleanse.


  1. Mix it up

The body likes variety–with food, movement, scenery, sound, etc. It’s also really good for the soul! Try new recipes, take that class you’re interested in or maybe go to the museum. Keeping things fresh and interesting can spark creativity while creating a healthy perspective on your progress.


  1. Keep it simple

Meals don’t have to be fancy to be tasty. Workouts don’t have to be an hour long. If you find yourself getting stressed on a busy day, scale back. Maybe you go out or order-in (cleanse friendly meal of course) for dinner, perhaps you take a nap instead of going for a walk. You’re looking to reduce stress not take on more. Self-care sometimes looks easy and lazy. Be okay with that.


  1. Grab a friend

There's truly power in numbers. Everyone thrives with positive reinforcement. Having friends or other family members join you on the cleanse will not only reduce temptations, but maintain positive reinforcement and support for all of you throughout the cleanse.


  1. Stay positive

The first few days are usually the most challenging. Our thoughts pack a lot of power and can have a positive –or damaging– effect on the body, depending on your thoughts. Bringing in meditation, affirmations or gratitude journaling are some good ways to stay in a positive flow. Also be sure and focus on all the good work you’re doing for you body and remember it’s all connected!


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