3 Ways to Cleanse: Oil, Exfoliation, and an Everyday Staple.

3 Ways to Cleanse: Oil, Exfoliation, and an Everyday Staple.

Daily face cleansing is a simple process that is easy to rush past. However, it can be an incredibly important step in your daily skincare ritual. We shared our three favorite ways to cleanse using Bare - Milky Facial Cleanser as the foundation for your cleanse, and mixing in Aurora - Face Oil and Liberate - Facial Polish for times when you need a little extra clean in your routine. |


The Purist

Bare, as it is, is a gentle and effective “milk” cleanser that uses both oil and water elements (biodynamic geranium hydrosol, aloe, and sandalwood & willow extracts). The emollients– apricot kernel and castor oil–break down oil and grime much like an oil cleanser, purifying the skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils and disrupting the balance of microbes. Yes, microbes live on your skin and are a very important part of maintaining healthy skin! Note: our cleanser doesn’t foam orsuds, and for a good reason. Foaming agents can damage the skin barrier and dry out the skin leaving your skin susceptible to damage and wrinkles. This type of cleanser more closely mimics your skin’s natural state keeping skin balanced and soothed without irritation. 

Here’s how

Begin by moistening your face with warm water using hands or a washcloth, then gently massage Bare into damp skin using circular motions. Gently focus attention on areas of congestion such as cheeks, chin, or forehead. Next, rinse with water while also clearing your mind. As you pat your face dry, take a deep breath and begin anew.

Best for: all skin types and as your daily cleansing ritual. 

The Double Cleanse

Double cleansing is a two-step process that originated in Asia  (Japan & Korea). (Reports say that geishas used oil to get the white makeup off).

The first oil cleanse is intended for removing makeup, sunscreen and oil- the principle here is “like attracts like.” The oil literally binds to impurities and clears pores without stripping the skin while the second cleanse with Bare mops up excess oil, dirt, pollution, impurities.

Here’s how:

First, massage a full dropper of Aurora Face Oil into dry skin using gentle circular motions (upward and outwards) for about a minute. Pay attention to the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead - all areas that tend to be more oily and where buildup, pollution, and dirt likes to gather.

Now you have a choice, try both ways and see which process you prefer. After massaging in the oil, can you massage 3-4 pumps of Bare on top and continue with the same circular motions before continuing with the next step. Or, skip this and add Bare after removing the oil.

Next use a clean washcloth and soak it in warm water. Ring it out so it is damp and only gently warm. Unfold it and apply over your face, take a few deep breaths and let it rest there. This opens up the pores to help release buildup deeper down. 

Then, gently wipe away makeup and surface debris using the washcloth. You can rinse and repeat this process to get everything. 

Now, follow up with Bare Milk Cleanser.  Use 3-4 pumps then massage into your damp skin in gentle circular motions (upward and outwards) for about a minute. When finished, rinse with water and pat dry. You’ll feel incredibly clean, soft, and plumped. 

Best for: makeup days, removing sunscreen, oily skin, oily or sensitive skin, or you just want a deeper cleanse.

The Exfoliator

Your skin loves to breath, which is why gentle exfoliation is so helpful to your skin. Add a couple of dashes of Liberate, our facial polish & mask, to gently encourage exfoliation without harsh scrubs or peels that damage the skin barrier and microbiome. This soft powdered cleanser & mask uses soothing oats, marshmallow root along with rhassoul clay, lavender and rosehips to clear away excess from the pores and leave the skin feeling calm and smooth.

Here’s how: 

First dampen hands with a little water. Apply 3-4 pumps of Bare with a few dashes of Liberate (roughly ¼ teaspoon) into one hand. Blend together into hands and massage into damp skin using upward and outward circular motions. Avoid pressing too hard or “scrubbing” your skin. Let the powder itself do the work, it’s enough. 

Best for: removing buildup, clearing dead and dry skin, evening skin texture and tone, and revealing a  healthy glow. 

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